Normal Wear and Tear is defined as the inherent and natural wear characteristics of mechanical parts on a vehicle. The Manufacturers of car parts specify the lifespan and tolerances when certain parts will wear out from normal driving habits. They do not have to "breakdown", to wear out.

Wear and Tear is normally an "Exclusion" on most Vehicle Service Agreements.

Many claims denials under Service Agreement terms are due to Normal Wear and Tear situations. Most people assume their service agreement (warranty) will pay for these claims since those parts are not listed in the "Exclusions" section. They then become irate when claims are denied on those parts because they find out that "Normal Wear and Tear" is listed as an exclusion on the policy.

Parts such as Tie Rod Ends, Wheel Bearings, CV joints, U-Joints, Suspension Bushings, and even many engine parts are considered parts that will wear out and not have "broken down". If these parts have worn out past the Manufacturer's tolerances and specified lifespan, and the agreement excludes Normal Wear and Tear
coverage, those claims will be denied.