Phoenix Metro Area

An independent unbiased inspection company, Automotive Destinations, will perform a 201 point inspection of you vehicle, at your home or office. If there are any leaking seals/gaskets or ioperable parts detected upon inspection, you will have to have those items repaired or replaced before you can purchase coverage.

The cost of the Inspection is $90.00 plus tax and is payable directly to Automotive Destinations.

To order an inspection call Automotive Destinations: (602) 780 1177

Outside the Phoenix Metro Area ( and all other states )

Your vehicle must be inspected by a Dealer, a Certified Auto Mechanic of your choice or an Independent Repair Facility in your area. If there are any leaking seals/gaskets or inoperable parts detected upon inspection, those will not be covered by the service agreement, untill you have them repaired or replaced. The cost of the inspection is determined by the Dealer, Mechanic or Independent Repair Facility.

To make this perfectly clear there is no coverage for pre-existing conditions. By Having the vehicle inspected you're eligible for day one coverage, with no waiting periods.

Any vehicle out of the original factory warranty is required to pass an inspection.