Some of the shops where the conversions were done may have gone out of business, as well as few manufacturers, thus voiding their parts and labor warranties. Many Alt Fuel owners may have signed away all of their vehicle warranty rights at the dealer level.

Specialty programs, underwritten by one of our primary carriers, will cover Alt Fuel Conversion Units "ONLY" while the vehicle is still under the original factory warranty period ( the first 3 years or 36000 miles of your odometer reading ). Onced the factory warranty has elapsed, our Extended Service Program will cover the complete vehicle and Conversion Unit out to it's selected time frame or mileage, as outlined in the purchase contract.

The following perameters are required prior to coverage:

  • The Conversion Unit must be inspected by one of our recommended Alt Fuel shops. Upon completion of the inspection, if there are any repairs or adjustments necessary to gualify for coverage, you the customer are responsible for any charges that may apply. Coverage can then be incepted.

  • The average cost of an Alt Fuel Inspection is $95.00

  • If you are not using the Alt Fuel Conversion portion of your vehicle, you may exclude the conversion and cover the rest of you vehicle. Please call for more details.