• Mercury Warranties is one of the only companies in the nation to offer New Car Coverage for most vehicles 5 Years Old or Newer (whether they are still under their Original Factory Warranty or Not) out to 100,000 125,000 or 150,000 Miles on the odometer. Most companies and dealerships only offer coverage up to 100,000 miles.

  • All agreements start from the purchase date of the policy, not the original purchase date of the vehicle (original in-service date). Plans may provide a $0.00 Deductible for all warranty work.
    We offer"Exclusionary" Agreements (a.k.a. "Bumper to Bumper") that are the most comprehensive plans available in the market today. Every part on the vehicle is covered except for what is listed in the "Exclusions" list. The other type of agreements being sold at the Dealer, on the internet, or at Credit Unions, are called "Listed Component", and are limited to cover only the parts that are "listed" in the contract.

  • We help put an end to stress for consumers and their respective repair shops, by offering many programs with WEAR and TEAR coverage. Seals and gaskets and $0.00 deductible are available as well.

  • Towing, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Car Rental Reimbursement, and Travel Expenses Coverage are also included in most of our represented service contracts.

  • As required, by the plan providers, we use a local independent Auto Inspection firm to qualify all "Out of Factory Warranty" vehicles. Customer cost is $90.00.